Carolís Cookies Broke My Tooth!


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What Happened:

On June 30, 2020, I purchased a small bag of three cookies from Whole Foods Market.The product label did not indicate they were Carolís Cookies, I was informed of that fact later by the insurance companies for Whole Foods and Carolís Cookies.

While chewing the second cookie, it cracked and broke my tooth.There was a small, hard object in it that I swallowed.This injury required emergency treatment by my dentist.It was a painful experience and an uncomfortable recovery.


How are Carolís Cookies made?

Carolís Cookies promotes their product as being handmade from scratch.As shown in this photo from a news story video, they certainly do prepare their cookies by hand and make millions like this every year.



What type of cookie was it?

They were Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, as indicated on the product label shown here.Note that this Whole Foods label does not indicate they were sourced from Carolís Cookies.



What was the injury caused by Carolís Cookie?

It cracked my tooth which had no previous dental problems.The dentist removed the cracked tooth fragment and performed a partial crown treatment.Here is a photo of my tooth fragment.



What should consumers know about Carolís Cookies?

In modern times, commercial bakeries of this scale are typically equipped with machinery that conforms to strict safety standards which prevent foreign objects from contaminating the food.Customers of bakery products should be aware if they are consuming food that has been handled by human hands, as are Carolís Cookies.

My injury was very serious and I would not want this tragedy to happen to anyone else.I hope this information will help other consumers make informed choices about their bakery purchases.